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My Love Ace x Child!Reader
     My Love
Not Part of the Second Chance Drabbles. 
     The death of Ace hit Y/n hard. Harder than anyone thought possible. She wasn’t at the War, thankfully. However, she saw it just as clear with the Visual Den Den Mushi at Saboaby Archipegalo. They left her in the care of Raeligh, who was more than happy to care for a former shipmates child. He knew her parents, and they were quite young when they joined the crew. However, it didn’t stop them from packing a punch. Which it seems their daughter inherited.
    So when he heard Y/n let out a heart wrenching scream, the only thing he could do was watch as her world fell apart. Y/n held onto her shoulders, trying to keep the broken pieces together as best as she could. Her e/c orbs watered, and snot began to trail down her nose. The scream she let out was one of a broken heart, and so
:iconchiotaku101:Chiotaku101 12 3
Gone Supernova pt12~ Cuddles

*Speculator art by Mah-Blackberreh ! Find the lovely artist on reddit, tumblr, and facebook! Enjoy this new part!*
         You held her in one arm, flying out of the way of another glob of slime. The only thing that worked on blobbish besides extreme heat or cold. “Where’s a pyro elementee when you need one?” You sigh swiftly retreating with the princess. “Don’t worry, my friends will take you away from here.” You give her a smile.
         “Th-Thank you.” She manages running with you back to the ship. You jump on with her, surprising the others.
         “We gotta go!” You tell them swiftly.
         “Alright! Lets go!” Luffy chimes, not questioning you at all. The others hesitate but the ship soon bursts away from the station. The princess holds onto you in surprise.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 29 2
Antagonist pt4~ Jacqueline

* Dusk, Ian, and Nai are :iconluffythaking: 's ocs! If you wish to know more about these amazing characters check their profile! *
        “Yeah, there’s a gang in there.” Ian hums joining your side after he and his twin brother return from surveying the building.  “An old hospital layout too, kinda spooky.” He smiles. “It’s probably haunted with the souls of the damned.”
        “Can we find another building?” Ceric whispers to you, cowering slightly.  
        “It’ll be safe C, don’t be scared.” You smile.
        “Just don’t wander off or you might get your soul stolen.” Ian tells him smiling sweetly. The little trickster would terrorize your gang if most of them were as gullible as Ceric.
         “I’ll go introduce myse
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 24 6
Bokuto Koutaoru || Confessions
The bell signaling break time has finally rang. Nothing sounds better than a break time bell, honestly it felt like all the burden from all studies are gone even only for a couple of minutes.
    The [Hair Colour]-haired girl sighed loudly as she lazily rests her head on the table. "Akaasssshiiiiiiiii ..." She groaned, catching the attention of the black-haired male who's sitting in front of her.
    He hummed in response and turned to look at her.
    "I can't believe I slept when he sat next to me in the bus." She pouted and ruffled her hair in distress. "Argh, I'm so stupid. Why do I even have motion-sickness? Ugh." She banged her face on the table.
    "Someone who excels at [Best Subject], is not stupid [Name]-san." Keiji replied.
    "I bweel zo miswerabwleeeeeeee ..." She mumbled, her face is still lying flat on the table and she continues to make incoherent noises.
:iconkarentakamiya:KarenTakamiya 16 0
Together pt12~ Wolf's Feast
     “Football…” Shanks echoes looking between you and Lucci. You both give a nod with straight faces. “Angel, please don’t play such dangerous things! You could get hurt!” He gasps hugging and cuddling you teary eyed. You and Lucci share a glance.
         “I’ll be going then.” The Chimera tells you.
         “Be careful heading home.” You say after him. He simply waves as he leaves. With that you pull away from Shanks to help with repairs.
         “You’ve had an odd day,” Law hums to you.
        “It was definitely something.” You agree with a nod. “How was your day?”
        “Like any day without you…. Boring,” He shrugs. You stop and blush before smiling and pushing him away playfully.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 36 9
Mr. KitKat Series: Beni Imo :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,398 39
Champion pt4 ~ Adjusting
           He jerks you behind himself roughly, gripping the hilt of his sword as he watches the screen warily as the murderer comes into view. You sweat drop, watching him glare at the t.v warily. “Kid. He’s not real.” You assure him calmly.
          “He looks real…” He mutters.
          “He’s not.” You repeat, moving back beside him.
          “Alright… It’s weird to watch though. How do they make them so tiny?” He tilts his head.
         “I can do that too.” You smile, grabbing your phone and bringing up the video. You scoot over to him and lean up to him. “See the screen? That’s us.” You hum, pressing record. Kid looks at the screen curiously.
       “So, its like a mirror?
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 48 11
A Girl Worth Winning For - Karasuno x Reader
Every time the Karasuno team got onto the bus for a practice match, they’d groan and moan about the long bus ride to the other team’s court. Sure, they had fun once they got there, but the ride there was excruciating. Everyone was in their designated seats, from Tanaka, Nishinoya, and Hinata in the back to Ukai and Takeda in the front near the bus driver.
The team players let out a soft sigh, and Asahi looked out the window towards the city streets around them. “For a long time, we’ve been marching off to battle…” He hummed softly, leaning his head against the window as his seat sharer, Kinoshita, caught on to what he was saying.
“In our thundering herd, we feel a lot like cattle.” He let out another sigh before leaning back in his seat, imagining how loud the gym they were arriving to would be.
Sugawara, the obvious mom of the group, nodded in agreement from his seat across from them. He smiled wearily as he referenced the music playing
:iconboondocksaints2001:boondocksaints2001 20 5
son of the moon :icongaudibuendia:GaudiBuendia 720 13 [YENOMI] Kiriban Winner! :iconstrangelykatie:strangelykatie 78 5 [YENOMI] Opal Glow Auction - Closed :iconstrangelykatie:strangelykatie 156 30 [YENOMI] Community Yenomi Design! - CLOSED :iconstrangelykatie:strangelykatie 83 31 [YENOMI] Fairy Wish Auction - CLOSED :iconstrangelykatie:strangelykatie 77 30 Warm summer sun :iconjoarosa:JoaRosa 241 25 Arabian mare :iconolga5:Olga5 23 6 Spirited Away Stickers (Pre-Order) :iconnaomame:Naomame 546 31



TheArtisticLady's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
i'm a woman, who enjoys Anime:
One Piece,
Detective Conan/ Case Closed,
Ouran High School Host Club,
Jellyfish Princess,
and etc....
Loves animals in general
have 2 dogs named Scooby and Stitch
and has a mother that has some crazy that she shares with me
and doodles/draws when inspiration comes to me!


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