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one time mistake
Beneath the strobe of lights, the stench of a mix between alcohol and expensive cologne, of bodies dancing grinding against each other to a blasting electronic music, stood a (hair color) beauty behind the bar counter. Expertly fixing drinks to her patrons while exchanging pleasantries every once in a while, all while making sure that their hands were off the merchandise – herself and the drinks.
She handled her drinks with precision, almost like she was dancing with them, producing a mighty show as she goes, never missing a beat to the music, before producing a sweet concoction.
"Hi sweetheart," a voice croons. Looking up from her (hair color) bangs, she found a light-haired lad leaning on the bar counter. "What's a pretty face like you doing in a place like this?"
Side-eyeing him the corner of her lips crooked into a smirk, fixing drinks with practiced ease before putting them on a tray and sliding them to him. "Getting away from jerks like you."
"Ouch, that was cold, (Nickname
:iconvampimummy:VampiMummy 14 4
OUAD Part 2 - Page 39 by TamarinFrog OUAD Part 2 - Page 39 :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 649 189 PEANUT BARRADE commision by ZsofiaGyuker PEANUT BARRADE commision :iconzsofiagyuker:ZsofiaGyuker 93 4
dork husband
“Kageyama, what are you doing?” a curious Hinata asked, watching the raven-haired boy press his ear against your belly.
His brows furrow together, deep in concentration. “I’m listening to the baby.”
Big bright brown eyes blink once, twice. For the third time, it widens and sparkles, leaning his head closer to your belly just next to Kageyama’s head. “Well? What does it say?”
You had to laugh, children were so adorable!
Humming, Kageyama pressed closer to your belly, when suddenly, your baby moved. And when they did, Kageyama pulled away in confusion, his eyes were wide, as was Hinata’s, having felt it, the two innocently turn to you.
Chuckling, you rub your hand over your bell. “The baby says hi,”
The duo took a sharp intake of breath, glancing at each other, before back at your belly. Before long, they were having turns touching or pressing their ear against your belly, your baby was more than willing to ‘greet
:iconvampimummy:VampiMummy 17 3
Glass Doll {Oikawa Tooru x Reader} Chapter Seven
Beep beep beep beep- Slamming my hand on my alarm, I groaned before raising my head a bit. It was morning already?! Sitting up, I proceeded to rub my eyes tiredly. Everything that happened yesterday came to mind, and I couldn't help but feel slightly upset about it. Those girls... at least it was over for now. Swinging my legs over the edge of my bed, I proceeded to put on my track suit for morning practice. I'd just change into my school uniform in the girls locker room at school. After getting my hair brushed, and my appearance somewhat doable, I quickly headed on downstairs to get my shoes on. I had to get there early to catch Oikawa. I had to talk to him about the Suga incident, and it couldn't wait. I'm sure he has a reason, but it still made me angry to think about. I don't care if Koushi said it was fine. 
"Heading out already?" My mom showed up behind me as I quickly flashed her a smile. 
"Yeah! Morning practice, I uh have to be early!" 
"Oh!" Her eyes
:icontrashqueenofseijou:trashqueenofseijou 4 0
Confession (Asahi Azumane x Reader)
The sun was setting in the horizon as you sat on your porch. The weather was fairly cool and when a slight breeze kissed your skin, a shiver ran down your spine. Though you could've gone inside at anytime, you waited patiently for your best friend, Asahi Azumane, to come to your house. Normally you would wait inside your house until he arrived, however, this time you were more excited than usual. It was strange. Every time you see him, your heart races and you find yourself thinking about him for prolonged amounts of time. The more you saw him, the more these feelings occurred. You tried to ignore these feelings as much as possible, but the more you tried to ignore them, the more prevalent they became. At this point there's no denying that you have feelings for the gentle giant, but actually verbalizing your feelings, that's a whole new obstacle. You went through a mental pro's and con's list and even though the pros out weighed the cons, there was one con that was way too plausible.
:iconlost-in-paradise666:lost-in-paradise666 12 0
Happy to See You [3/3] Tsukishima x Foreign!Reader
Over the years Kei convinced himself that he would never see you again. The memories he had of you, his first crush, were very pleasant, but often times just the mere thought of you would make his mood foul. Eventually he decided to file the memory of you away and toss the sunflower pin in the attic with toys from his younger days.
You, on the other hand, were very determined to meet with Tsukishima Kei once again. As soon as you got back home, you begun learning Japanese. You were going to make sure the next time you crossed paths, you would be able to speak with him. You wanted to thank him for all the memories he gave you.
You also kept up with playing volleyball. While you weren’t amazing at it, you were still rather decent at it. Along with keeping up with volleyball you made sure to keep your grades at an A so your parents could never question your determination to go back to Japan.
It had taken five years for yo
:iconscherzo-chan:Scherzo-chan 21 6
Sun Flower Sun Kissed [2/3] Tsukishima x Reader
Child!Tsukishima Kei x Child!Foreigner!Reader
The next day you were so eager to speak with your new friend that you could barely focus on anything else. You had immediately called your parents the day before and told them that you had made a friend. Your dad had been rather proud of you while your mother was quiet. It was only when your grandmother took the phone did she start talking.
“Why did you let her go out on her own?”
“Something could’ve happened to her.”
“It was wrong for me to send her to you.”
You saw a brief glimpse of sadness on your grandmother’s face. It made your chest hurt.
Your grandmother was so nice to you. Why was your mother being mean to her?
As soon as your grandmother hung up you apologized profusely.
“Don’t mind her, sweetie,” she said, kissing your forehead, “It’s only natural for a mother to be concerned for her daughter
:iconscherzo-chan:Scherzo-chan 16 6
Gumball Machine Weekend [1/3]
Child!Tsukishima Kei x Child!Foreign!Reader
You were eight years old the first time you met your grandmother.
She had decided to live out the rest of her life in Japan, which apparently had caused a major rift between her and her daughter. Your mother barely talked about her with a smile on her face which made you wonder if she was a bad person.
It had taken lots of begging on your grandmother’s part to get your mother to let you stay with her for the summer. Finally, your father decided to butt in and agreed to send you to her.
“It’ll be a nice experience for (y/n),” is what your father had said when your mother had tried to protest.
And with that you were whisked off to Japan.
The plane ride was absolutely terrifying.
Not only did everyone speak in a strange language, you found out that you were afraid of flying.
You kept your small hands tightly gripping onto the arm rests the entire time- save for
:iconscherzo-chan:Scherzo-chan 19 1
Teeny Tiny Manatee by Bon-AppetEats Teeny Tiny Manatee :iconbon-appeteats:Bon-AppetEats 260 33
Princess and the flirt (Shunsui x Reader) Part 1
A room at the shinigami academy was lively as it could be as approximate of fifty students where in their seats waiting for the teacher to to teach them the lesson for that day. 
However, the class were talking about more about a certain person recently joining their class. 
A last minute addition that was causing a stir among students and teachers alike. 
For good reason. 
The founders grand-daughter was now studying among them, eager to become a soul reaper. 
(Name) hears conversations of most of the class talking about her being here, she decided to keep to herself and wait for this teacher to hurry up and teach the lesson. 
(Name) jumps slightly as the seat that was once vacant beside her now occupied with the body of a young man with wavy brown hair, with matching brown eyes, a mischevious smile graced his handsome features, his facial cheek rested on his palm. 
(Name) blushed slightly as this man just came out nowhe
:iconrukia2011:Rukia2011 16 4
OUAD Part 2 - Page 38 by TamarinFrog OUAD Part 2 - Page 38 :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 564 94
Emotions Challenge: Comfort [Erwin Smith]
The hallway was quiet; dim light coming from the few candles hanging on the walls shone within the stony passage. His feet felt heavy as he dragged them across the ground, heading his room after an exhausting day working with his squad.
He was ready to rest, get a good night’s sleep once and for all.
Quietly not to disturb anyone nearby, he opened the door to his dorm and stepped in. His heart lightened upon catching sight of your sleeping form, and he smiled. You had, once again, forgotten to turn off the lights while waiting for him to come back.
As usual, he walked over to you and placed a light kiss on your forehead, before turning off the lights. Then, he began to undress—he really couldn’t wait to lie next to you, forget about the cruel world in which he lived and bask in your warmth.
He startled when arms wrapped around his bare torso, only to smile as lips kissed the spot between his shoulder blades. He apologized—he didn’t mean to wake you up. But
:iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 35 6
Kuroo Tetsuro x Reader (Friends)
A pen slides across the surface of the paper making various slashes, scribbles, and marks. Another page is flipped and clipped snugly underneath the clip on the board clutched between two hands. Sneakers can be heard squeaking against the surface of the gym floor as the players run drills numbers being yelled then repeated during stretches. Eyes scan the gym counting the players narrowing when they notice someone missing.
“Oi where is Kuroo?” Your voice rings out startling the players the guys exchange looks, “Sulking in his bedroom,” Kenma supplies with an exasperated expression. “Why?” He bends down to touch his toes, “Girlfriend broke up with him.” Clucking your tongue against your teeth you purse your lips shoving the clipboard into Lev’s hands, “Stupid, be right back.”
Pivoting on your heel you march out of the gym towards the bedheads house, “Should we warn him?” Lev questions, “No,” several
:iconezaito:ezaito 49 3
Doctor Mew by nna Doctor Mew :iconnna:nna 758 58



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i'm a woman, who enjoys Anime:
One Piece,
Detective Conan/ Case Closed,
Ouran High School Host Club,
Jellyfish Princess,
and etc....
Loves animals in general
have 2 dogs named Scooby and Stitch
and has a mother that has some crazy that she shares with me
and doodles/draws when inspiration comes to me!


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